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Invest in funds

Start investing with just $100
Funds can be a great way to diversify and spread your risk.
We offer 3 different ways to invest in funds. What’s right for you will depend on how much choice you’re looking for and whether you want to build your own portfolio of investments or choose a ready-made portfolio. Whichever way you invest, you'll get access to our online funds platform, Global Investment Centre. This means you can top up, track, manage and withdraw funds from your investments quickly and easily – all via your online banking
Bear in mind the value of these investments, and any income they generate, can fall as well as rise. So you could get back less than you invest. You can access your money at any time, although investing should be regarded as a longer-term strategy of at least 5 years. All our funds are offered without investment advice. If you’re not sure about investing or how much risk you’re comfortable with, you could visit our article hub to find out more. Or you may want to explore our investment advice options

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Online share dealing

Open an InvestDirect sharedealing account via your online banking
Buy and sell shares online If you’re happy making your own investment decisions, our online sharedealing platform puts you in control. InvestDirect provides you with the tools to make informed investment decisions yourself. You can access interactive market research, set up share price alerts and test your trading strategies via a virtual portfolio. You have full control over your investments and you can trade in UK and US equities, US government bonds, investment trusts and a range of USA-listed exchange-traded funds. Of course, the value of investments and any income they generate, can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than what you invest. Remember that exchange rate fluctuations can also cause the value of investments to go down as well as up. InvestDirect doesn’t offer any investment advice. If you’re not sure about investing, please seek financial advice.

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Invest in an ISA

A stocks & shares ISA could be a great way to start investing
ISAs are a tax-efficient way to save for the future because you pay no tax on the income and growth.
In 2019/20, you can save up to a maximum of $20,000 in an ISA – in a lump sum or spread out over the financial year. Want to know more about using your tax allowances? Visit our tax hub. Funds could be a quick and easy way to invest in an ISA. They’re a way to spread your risk without having to choose many different investments. If you’d like to take more of an active role, you might prefer to research and buy your own shares. And if you’re not sure, taking some investment advice could be a great way to get started. With all our investing options, fees and eligibility criteria apply. The benefit of choosing a stocks & shares ISA is it gives you access to a diversified range of investments. This means it has the potential to give you a better return than a cash ISA. Of course, along with the potential for greater returns comes an increased risk – and this means you may not get back what you invest.

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